Hip-hop artist T.I. and FAMU alumni give their take on the hit film Takers

The FAMUAN interviews Montrel Miller below. See the full article at the FAMUAN

Montrel Miller is a FAMU Alumnus, Class of 2007, with a degree in agriculture and economics minor and a professional actor. He was also a member of the Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. After being laid off from his position in his field, Miller began pursuing his dream of being a professional actor, which led to his role in a national trailer for summer action film “Takers.” See what this FAMU alum has to say about his journey to stardom.

Q: What actors do you look up to in Hollywood? Who is your biggest inspiration?

A: “Inspiration for me would have to be Will Smith. The reason is because the way he took the game. He started off with comedy and let that get him through the door. Then he moved to drama…he’s such a well-rounded actor and probably the hardest working actor in Hollywood.

Also, Martin [Lawrence] is the greatest comedic actor in my opinion. I love Martin, he doesn’t try too hard; he’s just a natural. I also like Pooch Hall from The Game. I got a chance to meet him and he’s a really cool guy and a really good actor. I think he has a range and definitely going be someone to look at in the film industry.”

Q: How did you first get started in acting?

A: “When I graduated I was still in Tallahassee working for the department of correction in accounting. The ‘bruhs’ called me up and were doing a step show where they needed someone to play P. Diddy.”

I got a lot of good feedback from it with people asking me if I did acting and it kind of sparked in my head. I always wanted to do acting but I was scared of it. When the opportunity presented itself, I took advantage of it and it opened up some opportunities for me. I’ve never looked back since.”

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